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Document:Jewish Displaced Persons and Refugee Cards, 1943-1959
Scanned Document:Documents\VMB_cardindex\31157_176210\31157_176210-00226.jpg
Description:This is a collection of registration cards of Jewish survivors who registered with the Emigration Department of JDC in Munich and Vienna after World War II for help in emigrating to countries other than Israel. The database includes individual cards from 1945-mid 1950s for 51,554 Displaced Persons in Munich and 25,374 Displaced Persons in Vienna.
Name:Yita Berger
Migration Location:Leipheim Unrra Team
Location of Birth:Hungary
Accompanied by:Bernhard Berger;Julius Sobel;Eta Sobel;Edit Shmulevitz;Magda Hollander;Erzen Shmulevitz
Destination:United States
JDC Migration Office:Germany, Munich
Ancestry Record ID:GiShhB3qS7oQPw== EncryptionTail_V2

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