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Document:Transmigration Bureau
Scanned Document:Documents\transmig_bureau_cardindex\31156_176204\31156_176204-01491.jpg
Description:The Transmigration Bureau was established by JDC in New York to help refugees emigrate from Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg, primarily to the U.S. Its primary role was to accept deposits from friends or family overseas towards the travel costs of Jews emigrating from Europe. Included are deposit cards for 37,732 individuals who emigrated from 1940-1956, with the bulk from 1940-1942.
Name:Regine Scheininger
Depositor:Henry Sherwin
Depositor:Alex Von Fest
Ancestory Record ID:GySmhBrqTroRPw== EncryptionTail_V2

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